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Start a ticket. This happens to lots of people and all you can do is contact the support team Just FYI: You might run into this bug when making a ticket, what happens is when you submit a ticket the page refreshes and nothing is submitted and you have to refill the ticket form again and again.

Wulfsimmer I have bought another horse. So I don't need this horse anymore.

But I still have it because I am a little curious if the game will move the horse like it usually do sometimes and in this case it could solve the problem. But otherwise I think that I can just tab on the horse and delete it like I earlier did with a one-star horse such that I could buy a three-star horse instead.

My main purpose with this thread therefore just was to show SimGuruEmma that such things happen even though they shouldn't. November edited November Hey Erpe , it's been a known issue for a while and as Wulfsimmer has pointed out, we have a point about it in our FAQ help section!

The disturbing spectacle of a dead horse

Thankfully it doesn't happen all that often, but the only people who will be able to help out if that does happen is our support team. They'll be able to help 'unstick' your horses!

So what did horses with the malformation have to say about the Deep Ventral Line connection?

I just got a notification on my phone that there was 1 day left to complete You might wanna fix that. Luis Quinones.

The horse, an essential participant of the Great War - Animals - RTBF World War 1

Joe Musarro. Rex Iii Stokes. T Houghton. Chris Englehart. Deshawn Parker.

My Horse Stories Gameplay Walkthrough (Android,iOS) - Part 1

Ricardo Feliciano. John Jr Davila.

Misplaced horse

Thomas Amoss. Gerard Melancon.

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