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Anything you create, you can manage. It's time to remove any self-sabotage or self-limitation you have around "not having enough time," or today not being "the right time" to start a business or manage your current business properly. There are only three ways to spend time: thoughts, conversations and actions. Regardless of the type of business you own, your work will be composed of those three items. As an entrepreneur, you may be frequently interrupted or pulled in different directions.

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While you cannot eliminate interruptions, you do get a say on how much time you will spend on them and how much time you will spend on the thoughts, conversations and actions that will lead you to success. Any activity or conversation that's important to your success should have a time assigned to it. To-do lists get longer and longer to the point where they're unworkable.

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Schedule appointments with yourself and create time blocks for high-priority thoughts, conversations, and actions. Schedule when they will begin and end. Have the discipline to keep these appointments. Plan time to be pulled away from what you're doing.

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Take, for instance, the concept of a professor having "office hours. Put up a "Do not disturb" sign on your door, an OOO message on your email and set your phone to "do not disturb" when you absolutely have to get work done. Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

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    Start Slideshow. April 17, 5 min read. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. This will help you understand how much you can get done during the course of a day and where your precious moments are going. You'll see how much time is actually spent producing results and how much time is wasted on unproductive thoughts, conversations and actions.

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    Next Slide. Plan to spend at least 50 percent of your time engaged in the thoughts, activities and conversations that produce most of your results. Take the first 30 minutes of every day to plan your day.

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    • Manage Your Time, Your Work, Yourself.

    Don't start your day until you complete your time plan. The most important time of your day is the time you schedule to schedule time.

    10 Time Management Tips That Work

    Take five minutes before every call and task to define your goal. This will help you know what success looks like before you start. And it will also slow time down. Take five minutes after each call and activity to determine whether your desired result was achieved. If not, what was missing? How do you put what's missing in your next call or activity?

    Effective Time Management: How to Manage Your Work Time

    Practice not answering the phone just because it's ringing and e-mails just because they show up. Disconnect instant messaging.

    here Don't instantly give people your attention unless it's absolutely crucial in your business to offer an immediate human response. Instead, schedule a time to answer email and return phone calls. Block Facebook, Instagram and whatever form of social media that tends to suck away your time and attention.

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