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7 Stages of Emotional Dynamics during Change

Self-help Methods For Changing Your Mood Methods For Changing Your Mood Moods are emotions, and emotions are feeling states affecting mind and body, thought and behavior, and yet distinct from those things. They are a fundamental part of human nature, much older in evolutionary terms than your ability to think. Inhibitory emotions block core emotions. Shame, anxiety and guilt, the inhibitory emotions, block core emotions: 1 when they are in conflict with what pleases others whom we need like parents, peers, and partners; 2 when core emotions become too intense and our brain wants to shut them down to protect us from the emotional overwhelm.

What are defenses? Defenses are anything we do to avoid feeling core or inhibitory emotions. Depression is a defense because in that state we are out of touch with our core emotions. When an event or situation causes you distress or to be off balance you must:. The Change Triangle is a place to turn to in that immediate moment when something within you, or someone or something in your environment causes you to experience emotional struggle. I turn to The Change Triangle because almost as soon as I figure out "where I am on The Triangle" I feel better for two reasons: 1 just from gaining some distance and perspective from my immediate feeling; and 2 from having some direction of what to do to help myself feel better.

Here are the basic steps:.

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Identify which corner you most closely find yourself. Pause , breathe, and calm yourself for a few seconds at least. Try to name all the underlying core emotions coming up in the moment. There may be more than one. Name each one you can.

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Listen without judging to what the emotion is telling you. Think through the best way to proceed in the moment. Or below The Triangle, in a calm state of peace and openheartedness - where we all hope to spend much more time. The state below The Triangle is accessed by "listening" to what the core emotion of the moment is telling us, by honoring what it says and by letting the associated body sensations move through freely until they naturally subside. Core emotions are wavelike in nature: rising then ebbing. In my blog , book and articles , I use stories, tips, practical experiments as well as discussion of neuroscience and much more to share specifics and How To's.

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Here's a quick How To Overview to give you an idea of the basics I'll expand on in my blog:. Example of The Change Triangle in Action:. I use The Change Triangle frequently myself to feel better.

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Here is a recent example from my own experience:. Today I am anxious about writing a blog.

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I feel fluttering in my chest and my stomach is all bubbly-feeling. Because I don't like feeling my anxiety, I'm avoiding it by having negative thoughts like "maybe I can't do this" and I'm obsessing about an unrelated phone call I have to make. This initial move from emotions to defense largely happens unconsciously and automatically. Did that ever happen to you?

Those kinds of mood swings are so common that its impossible for a normal human being not to experience them. For the first instance those mood swings might seem like a mysterious event because they can't be explained but when you learn how to analyze what's going on you will no longer wonder. In many of my previous articles i explained how important it is to learn how to consciously monitor the thoughts that fly in your mind for they can provide a clue on most of the emotional changes you experience.

Opposite Action: Changing Emotions You Want to Change – Behavioral Tech

In this article i will tell you how your thoughts and your enviroment interact together to change your mood so that you can become more in control of those mood swings. There are three main factors that interact together to change your mood at any given time, here they are:. Just as you saw a combination of those 3 factors can change your mood from total happiness to extreme sadness in just few minutes. In order to prevent those factors from ruining your mood you must stick to the following tips whenever possible:.

To summarize all of this article in one line: Don't let a negative thought pass by unchecked and if you found that its resulting from an important problem you are facing then you need to find a quick solution to calm your mind down else your mood will swing. The Solid confidence program was launched by 2knowmyself. If you think that this is some kind of marketing hype then see what other visitors say about 2knowmyself.

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