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Conversely, if your book starts getting lots of negative reviews, your book will not perform as well.

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In addition, a Verified Purchase review is more valuable than a review from a non-verified purchaser. This is why getting reviews during the free period can be so advantageous. Someone that goes through and downloads your book during the free period is still considered a verified purchaser! Here's the deal, you should really try to get at least 10 to 15 reviews during the free period.

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This is going to be the easiest time to ask people for reviews because well it's free. Getting as many as 20 reviews during the free period would be excellent! The more the better. You should have at least 10 to 15 friends or family members that you can ask to download and review your book. When Perrin and I launched our book here's what we did and you can do the same :.

So after, the first few days we already had 15 reviews!

Perrin's aunt only gave us 4 stars, but we've gotten over it. Reaching out to both Facebook groups and relevant blogs can be a good way to jump start downloads of your book. During your free days, here's a list of the 5 Facebook Groups that we submitted too and the one's that Nick recommends :. Did you know that there are websites out there that do nothing but list and promote free Kindle eBooks? The websites accept submissions from people, so you should let them know your book is free!

Sarah at SarkEmedia. Below I've just included the 35 free eBook sites suggested by Sarah. You can do the submissions yourself, or you can hire someone from FancyHands. We used FancyHands, it it worked out very well.

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Finally, there are also tools out there that can help you submit even faster and to more sites. This free period is your chance to really get on the map!

You need to utilize all the marketing avenues that you can to help give your book the best chance of ranking well in Amazon naturally. Once you start ranking naturally in Amazon and if you book truly is valuable to readers, you should continue to sell well once you switch from free to paid.

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If you don't have an email list, why not ask others that do have an email list to spread the word about your book? This can be a little more difficult to do if you don't already have relationships with people in your niche, but it is possible. For example, Perrin and I were able to contact someone in our niche that we knew had a large email list and we simply asked them if they would tell their audience about our free Kindle book. They agreed. That was done to drive up the free downloads on the last day, but to also get some sales for those people on the email list that missed the free download deadline.

We were clearly getting lots of free downloads before this email went out, but the last day was definitely our biggest free day.

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See this chart:. I think our book would have done just fine without that email blast we had over free downloads the day before ; however, it certainly didn't hurt. I know I already mentioned it, but getting reviews are SO important if you hope to gain traction in Amazon's huge marketplace. As a result, you shouldn't just stop trying to get reviews when your book is no longer free. Although we haven't tried it yet, you can also reach out to top reviewers on Amazon to see if they are willing to read and review your book.

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Here is a list of the top reviewers on Amazon. Some people want their books in digital format and others want the physical printed book. This is a print on demand service owned by Amazon…so don't worry about stocking and shipping any physical books on your own. The printed version can also create a nice price anchor to help your kindle version look like a better deal. This is an age old marketing tactic. So, the only purpose of creating a print version of your book is not to only sell printed copies. A big reason is to make your Kindle price look like a better deal and sell more copies of the Kindle version.

As you go forward, you should test and tweak pricing on both the printed and kindle version. I have not had a chance to test different pricing strategies with my book just yet, but it's certainly on the to-do list. I have been told by multiple successful self-publishers that the real scale of this business comes when you start releasing additional books. Readers of your first book will start to browse your author page and your additional book titles.

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The more quality books you have, the more likely that your current buyers will be interested in something else you have written as well. So, now that you've had some success with your first Kindle eBook, it's time to leverage that success by creating more and more books in your niche.

This can take a year or two to build up a significant library; however, the business potential is very real. Perrin and I have already sat down and brainstormed our next book. We've chosen a topic, title, and have started the outline. We expect to launch our second book in the next 30 days. But looking back, I wish I had known someone who could have mentored me more. Even though it ended up fine, I could have done so much better if I had known someone like that. I now have a book that has been selling on Amazon for over 2 years. I followed the 23 steps outlined above to publish and promote this book.

However, since that time, I have not done anything to promote it. In fact, I've moved on to other projects and had basically forgotten about it. I was surprised to login to the KDP Select platform and see that my self-publshed book is still making sales! Here's a quick screenshot to show that it still is making a few sales a day:. Overall, Perrin and I are extremely happy with the success of our best selling Kindle eBook. My only disappointment is that I didn't start sooner!

In fact as I see the huge success and now the huge business potential as we add more titles, I honestly can say that I haven't been this excited about a new business venture in a long time. Is the success of our first book out of the ordinary? But did we follow some very specific steps as outlined above to try and achieve exactly what we did?

The business potential of becoming a self published author on Amazon is very real, and hopefully some of you are able to achieve the same kind of success that we are currently seeing as well. I would love to hear any comments or questions that you might have below. Let's discuss some of the finer points of the process in the comment section and hopefully we can all learn from each other.

If you want to write and sell your own book on Amazon, I have one piece of advice for you above all others. It's not an easy process. Our total investment for the book was a few hundred dollars plus the time we spent in writing it. If you have a dream to write a book or start a business that can provide you with passive income, the publishing niche is a good one. There are even guys and gals out there who publish full time on Amazon KDP.